About Us


We're based in southern Tasmania, we, know... super lush. We're very lucky.

We first brought bag and purse together during 2020, when the world shut down as an outlet to express our creative side and seeing a space in the market for well priced, luxe, genuine leather accessories.

Each piece in our collection has been designed and curated in Tasmania to intentionally align with our brand values and brand name. Rule of Three originates from the design principles of balance and cohesion and effortless composition. 

We’re using this design principle to refine our collection, only include the designs you really need and in classic colour ways to enhance its natural beauty and your wardrobe! 

Our designs are made to last. We’re all about creating timeless pieces that will endure fashions fads and phases, so you know when you purchase a Rule of Three design you're making a conscious and deliberate choice to counter the negative impact of the fast fashion industry.